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Andrew Sholl

The author, “born from a Jewish family, and baptised as a Catholic, providentially escaped from the Nazi holocaust. With his parents and brother he left Yugoslavia and arrived in Australia, via Israel, and went on to be a teacher and solicitor. With wife Penny and two daughters he has settled in Townsville, Queensland. Andrew is co-founder of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, an organisation which has spread to several countries. His installation in 2002 in the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, is acknowledgement of his love for Israel, the Holy Land, and his commitment to the Catholic Faith.

“About the book.

“An overview of the history of the Jewish dispersion into Europe leads the author to desribe his personal story as a Hebrew Catholic. From Subotica in Yugoslavia, the place of his birth, through Vienna, Haifa, Barcelona, the narrative takes the reader to Australia, the country of adoption. The book demonstrates in detail the close links between the customs and the heritage of the Jewish religion and Catholic practice. Some of the most common expressions in the Christian Faith are explained to show their Hebrew derivations. The author relates texts from the Old Testament with those in the New Testament to identify the Messiah. Finally, in a hopeful note, the author describes the future for those ofHebrew origin in the Catholic Church.

“Completed Jew indicates how the author, at the book’s end, finds himself fully complete.” [From the cover]

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Comsoda Communications, Soft cover, ©2002, 148 pages, Import