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Gavin D’Costa

“This study explores Roman Catholic doctrines after the Second Vatican Council regarding the Jewish people (1965-2015). Gavin D’Cosgta establishes the emergence of the teaching that God’s covenant with the Jewish people is irrevocable. D’Costa examines early magiserial documents that seem to contradict current teachings. The apparent contradiction is historically contextualized. D’Costa argues that earlier teachings accept the positive value of Jewish rituals within certain conditions. These earlier traditions also show a positive valuation of Jewish cultic practices within the early Christian church.” [From the cover]

Gavin D’Costais Professor of Catholic Theology and Head of the Department on Religion and Theology at the University of Bristol.


  1. The Catholic Doctrine of God’s Irrevocable Covenant for the Jewish People
    Methodology and Magisterial Authority
    Two Basic Doctrines: God’s Irrecvocabe Covenant with Biblical Jewish People; Applicable to Rabbinic Jewish People
    Fulfillment and Supersessionism  – the Same Species?
  2. The ‘Ceremonial Law’; Dead and Deadening or Alive and LIfe-Giving?
    Bruce Marshall’s Depiction of the Catholic Problematic
    Israel of the Flesh and the Irrevocable Jewish Covenant
    Do Previous Magisterial Teachings Contradict Recent Magisterial Teachings?
    Resolving Marshall’s Conundrum through the Fulfillment Thesis
  3. The Church and the Biblical Promised Land
    Key Terminology Regarding This Question
    The Promise of the Land: Biblical Considerations
    Hermeneutics for Reading the Old and the New Testaments
    Land in the Old Testament
    The Temple and Jerusalem
    The Land in the Old Testament  – continued
    Land in the New Testament
    The Temple and Jerusalem in the New Testament
  4. The Church and Minimalist Catholic Zionism
    The Actors on the Stage
    Vatican Diplomacy and the Land of Israel
    The Telos of Catholic Theological Teachings about the Land
  5. Catholic Mission to the Jewish People
    Defining the Terms
    Arguments against Mission to the Jews
    Critical Reflections on the Arguments
    The Significance of the Jewish Ecclesia/Hebrew Catholics
  6. Conclusions of a Tentative Pose-Conciliar Theology of the Jewish PeopleBibliography
    Biblical Index
    General Index

Oxford University Press, ©2019, Hard cover, 240 pages