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Edited by Stephen Gabriel

Catholic Controversies” gives Catholics and others seeking the truth a valuable resource for correcting the most common misunderstandings and myths perpetuated by the media, university professors and the uninformed. Catholic Controversies collects the very best articles addressing most of the ‘hot-button’ issues used to undermine both the authority of the Church and the faith of Catholics, especially young people. The topics range from proofs of God’s existence to the Spanish Inquisition to human cloning and stem-cell research.

“Learn from some of the best modern thinkers:

  • how history and archaeology corroborate the Gospels
  • how the Crusades were defensive wars necessary to save Christianity
  • the overwhelming evidence that the Eucharist contains the Real Presence of Christ
  • how contraception undermines happy marriages
  • why marriage in inherently heterosexual

“Stephen Gabriel makes it easy to digest these articles by providing an introduction to each topic and a summary, presented in bullet format, of the highlights and conclusions of each article. Every Catholic wishing to be armed with the facts should read this book.”  [From the cover]

Sections within the book are entitled: The Credibility of God, the Church and Scripture; The Church in History; Misunderstood Doctrines of the Church; and Moral Teachings of the Church.

Moorings Press, ©2010, Softcover, 511 pages