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Stories of Women in the Old Testament
Br. Bob Fishman

“Experience an encounter with the heroines of the Old Testament through the ancient Oral Tradition.

“In this series, you’ll discover

•  The true nature of oral tradition in relationship to the Bible
•  How women were treated in Old Testament times
•  Why storytelling is an effective way to evangelize others
•  How Judith’s example of deep prayer, careful plotting and unshakable courage can be a source of inspiration for believers
•  Why the story of Ruth was one of the favorites of Benjamin Franklin
•  What one sould do when facing adversity and even serious oppression
•  How Queen Esther used her extraordinary wisdom, courage and inner beauty to save her people
•  Why the Judges were used to distinguish godly wisdom and to settle disputes”
•  and more.”  [From the jacket]

Saint Joseph Communications, ©2002, 3  CDs