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Donald De Marco and Benjamin Wiker

“The Culture of Death has become a popular phrase, and is much bandied about in academic circles. Yet, for most people, its meaning remains vague and remote. De Marco and Wiker have given the Culture of Death a clear definition and frightening immediacy. They have exposed its roots by introducing its ‘architects.’ In a scholarly, yet reader-friendly delineation of the mindsets of twenty-three influential  thinkers, such as Ayn Rand, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Alfred Kinsey, Margaret Sanger, Jack Kevorkian, and Peter Singer, they have made clear and palpable the aberrant thought and malevolent intentions that have gone into shaping the Culture of Death.

“Still, this is not a book without hope. If the Culture of Death rests on a fragmented view of the person and an eclipse of God, hope for the Culture of Life rests on an understanding and restoration of the human being as a person, and the rediscovery of a benevolent God. The ‘Personalism’ of John Paul II is an illuminating thread that runs through Architects, serving as a hopeful antidote for the stark pessimism that issues from builders of the Culture of Death.”  [From the cover]


Foreward by Judy Brown

1. The WIll Worshippers

Arthur Schopenhauer
Freidrich Nietzsche
Ayn Rand

2. The Eugenic Evolutionists

Charles Darwin
Francis  Galton
Ernst Haeckel

3. The Secular Utopianists

Karl Marx
Auguste Comte
Judith Jarvis Thompson

4. The Atheistic Existentialists

Jean-Paul Sartre
Simone de Beauvoir
Elisabeth Badinter

5. The Pleasure Seekers

Sigmund Freud
Wilhelm Reich
Helen Gurley Brown

6. The Sex Planners

Margaret Mead
Alfred Kinsey
Margaret Sanger
Clarence Gamble
Alan Guttmacher

7. The Death Peddlers

Derek Humphrey
Jack Kevorkian
Peter Singer

Conclusion: Personalism and the Culture of Life

Ignatius Press, ©2004, Soft cover, 410 pages