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To Live at the Hand of the Lord
Translated by Susanne Batzdorff

“Edith Stein, born into a Jewish family on Yom Kippur in 1891, won renown as a philosophy scholar in pre-World War II Germany. She worked within a distinguished circle which included Edmund Husserl, Adolph Reinach, Max Scheler and Martin Heidegger. In 1922 she startled her friends and associates by becoming a Roman Catholic and, shortly thereafter, entering the Carmelite order to live in a cloister as a professed sister. In 1942 she was taken from her convert by the Nazis and was murdered at Auschwitz.

“These selections span a period of nearly 25 years in her life: the youthful atheist thinks about her life and the alarming events of her time; the mature, self-discovery and the spiritual shaping of the human being; the Christian philosopher struggles with the meaning of existence; finally, the great contemplative gives advice for introspection and serenity.” [From the cover]

Templegate Publishers, ©1994, Soft cover, 128 pages