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A Bible Study on Romans 9–11
Scott Hahn

“Dr. Hahn announces his most important Biblical discovery, the understanding of chapters 9-11 in the Book of Romans. Of all Dr. Hahn’s Catholic discoveries in Sacred Scripture, this set on Romans 9-11 presents what many have found to be the most exciting discovery of all.

“Paul shows his Jesus fulfills the Davidic Covenant by saving the faithful remnant of elect Jews first, and then the Gentiles. Since the “Ten Lost Tribes” had been exiled for centuries and lived in Gentile territory, Paul concludes that the fullness of Gentiles entering the Church ensures that all of Israel will be saved.

“For Paul, this is the mystery of how Christ fulfilled all of the Old Testament prophecies, be restoring the Davidic kingdom, dying and rising, and building the Catholic Church.


  • Why the majority of Jews do not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah
  • What we know about the future of Israel
  • How Catholic-Christians are to relate to Jews
  • How the Israel of the Old Covenant relates to the Church of the New Covenant
  • Why Saint Paul is anything but anti-Semitic
  • And much more …”    [From the CD set jacket]

Saint Joseph Communications, 4 CD set