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Spring 2015, Lawrence Feingold, STD, STL

The fifteenth of the AHC sponsored series of lectures by Dr. Feingold was held from Feb. 4. 1 through Mar. 25, 2015 in the Gannon Room of the Cathedral Rectory of St. Louis. The titles of the lectures follow:

1. Hell: That From Which We Hope to Be Saved
2. Why is There a Hell?
3. Purgatory
4. The Second Coming
5. Counterfeits of Christian Hope: Secularization of Hope in the Modern Age
6. The Last Judgment
7. Christian Hope and the New Evangelization

The disc contains more than 10 hours of lectures and question/answer sessions recorded in mp3 format. You will need a CD or DVD player or a computer with the capability to play MP3 formatted recordings.

AHC, mp3 Disc, ©2015, 10+ hours