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Fall 2013, Lawrence Feingold, STD, STL

The twelfth of the AHC sponsored series of lectures by Dr. Feingold was held from Sept. 25 through Dec. 11, 2013 in the Gannon Room of the Cathedral Rectory of St. Louis. The titles of the lectures follow:

1. Two Orders of Knowledge About God
2. The Science of Theology
3. Theology: Most Noble Science
4. Theological Reasoning
5. Theological Method: Harmony of Faith and Reason
6. The Virtue of Divine Faith
7. Motives of Credibility for Faith
8. The Existence of God
9. The Existence of God: Arguements from Order
10. God’s Existence: Reasons of the Heart and the Problem of Evil
11. The Attributes of God

The disc contains more than 17 hours of lectures and question/answer sessions recorded in mp3 format. You will need a CD or DVD player or a computer with the capability to play MP3 formatted recordings.

AHC, MP3 Disc, ©2013, 17+ hours