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Fall 2008, Lawrence Feingold, STD, STL

The third of the AHC sponsored series of 12 lectures by Dr. Feingold was held from Sept. 17 through Dec 10, 2008 in Boland Hall of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. The titles of the lectures follow:

1. People of God and Kingdom of God: Israel and the Church
2. Prophecies of the Messianic Kingdom
3. The Parables of the Kingdom
4. The Church is Catholic: Ingathering of the Nations
5. The Church is One
6. The Church is Apostolic
7. The Church is Holy
8.Universal Call to Holiness in Israel and the Church
9. Portrait of the Church in Acts of the Apostles, and Her Relation to Israel
10. St. Paul on Israel and the Church
11. The Church as the Body of Christ in St. Paul
12. Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope and Mother of the Church

The disc contains more than 18 hours of lectures and question/answer sessions recorded in mp3 format. You will need a CD or DVD player or a computer with the capability to play MP3 formatted recordings.

AHC, MP3 Disc, ©2008, 18+ hours