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On the occasion of the AHC Conference of Oct. 1-3 2010, AHC President David Moss interviewed Archbishop Raymond L Burke in La Crosse, Wisconsin on Aug 5, 2010. The recorded interview was shown at the first AHC Conference in St. Louis on Oct 1-3, entitled: You Shall Be My Witnesses … Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church.

1. The first question concerns the continuing election of Jewish people who are baptized and enter the Catholic Church.

2. The second question concerns the collective nature of the election of Jewish people within the Catholic Church.

3. The third question concerns the legitimacy of celebrating various traditions of our Jewish heritage, in the light of Christ, within the Church.

4.The fourth question concerns the way in which we are to approach, interpret, and understand the historical documents of Sacred Tradition. Statements by Pope Eugenius IV and Pope Benedict XIV are contrasted.

Another aspect of this question concerns the way in which we interpret the relation between the shadow in the Old Covenant and the reality in the New Covenant.

5. The fifth question concerns the life of Hebrew Catholics in the Church today and Archbishop Burke’s counsel.

AHC, DVD, ©2010, 39 minutes