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Draft Nine, March 2019. All Rights Reserved.

The AHC Haggadah was initially put together for the celebration of “Passover in the light of Christ” in the homes of AHC members and at the AHC Center.

The AHC Haggadah is intended for use in family or small group meetings. Within that context, it may be purchased here, or freely downloaded, printed, copied and distributed from the AHC website.

The AHC Haggadah may neither be altered without permission,
nor may it be sold.

Since this is a work in progress, please take note of anything that you think can be improved. We will be happy to receive your suggestions.


In Behold the Pierced One (Ignatius Press, ©1986), in a meditation on Holy Thursday, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote:

Israel had to make a pilgrimage, as it were, to [Jerusalem] every year at Passover in order to return to its origins, to be recreated and to experience once again its rescue, liberation and foundation. (pg. 104)

Further on in his meditation, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote:

… it seems to me, this Passover celebration which as come down to us from the nomads, via Israel and through Christ, also has (in the deepest sense) an eminently political significance. We as a nation, we in Europe, need to go back  to our spiritual roots, lest we become lost in self-destruction.

This feast needs to become a family celebration once again, for it is the family that is the real bastion of creation and humanity. Passover is a summons, urgently reminding us that the family is the living home in which humanity is nurtured, which banishes chaos and futility, and which must be protected as such. But we must add that the family can only be this spree of humanity, this bastion of creation, if it is under the banner of the Lamb,if it is protected by the power of faith which comes from the love of Jesus Christ.  (pg 106)

Discounts for bulk purchase:

2-4 copies, 20%;    (2.80 each)
5-24 copies 30%;   (2.45 each)
25-49 copies 40%  (2.10 each)
50+ copies 50%     (1.75 each)